Artisanal Cacao from Panama with ♥️ !

As a brand we foster integral health. 

When you support us, you are supporting our mission of empowering the female farmers who still grow organic and harvest artisanally our Divine Varieties of Authentic Cacao.

We encourage you to raise your awareness and choose wisely what to consume!

All of our Superfood choices are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Products

  • Divine Smokable Cacao Tea
  • Divine Roasted Nibs
  • Divine Unroasted Seeds
  • Divine Cacao Paste
  • Divine Chocolates

A Social Business & Brand

People and the Planet come first! As a socially oriented business and a proud member of Hope Spot Bocas del Toro, we are driven to create a positive impact & empower by providing quality education and taking care of nature. Join or support the Give Back experiences we lead in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Our Programs

  • Clean Water Project
  • Women Outreach Mentorship Program
  • Chocolate Program
  • Environmental Program

Choco Bar Bocas


Choco Bar Bocas by Cacao Blessings offers unique types of artisan chocolate creations made with natural, organic and superfood ingredients.

Be good to you and eat real chocolate!