We are ONE.


We are sure human beings are interconnected with everything else that makes up Planet Earth.

Looking for improving the relationship with what we consume and for the love to the commUnity that Cacao Blessings is born.

A Social Enterprise & Brand

As a Social Enterprise and Brand, the Planet and the People come first.

Working with clean water projects, women outreach mentorship programs and programs for training local indigenous women to develop in a career in the chocolate industry we can empower the community where we live.

Our Programs

  • Clean Water Project
  • Women Outreach Mentorship Program
  • Chocolate Program
  • Environmental Program

You have the Power. Make an Impact!

As a brand we foster the integral health. 

When you support us, you are directly supporting our mission of empowering the cacao farmers who grow and harvest our Divine Formulas of Superior Cacao.

We encourage you to raise your awareness and choose wisely what to consume.

Our Products

  • Divine Roasted Nibs
  • Divine Unroasted Nibs
  • Divine Paste
  • Divine Infusion
  • Divine Butter